Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Im still alive!!

Hello out there.  We are all still doing great and loving life.  My schedule doesnt allow for a ton of blogging any more, though I will try.  Promise!

The boys are getting big!  Garrett is 5 months old and moves EVERYWHERE!!  He rolls and rolls and rolls some more.  And then he does a little scooting and turning and gets to where he wants to be. He is so stinking adorable.  See for yourself!

Sorry thats a side ways picture.  Im unsure how to even use blogger anymore.  *sigh*

Corbin will be THREE next MONTH!  Wow!!  It's crazy how fast time flies.  He loves his little brother and his little brother LOVE him.  It is the most incredible thing to watch how much Garrett LOVES Corbin.  If Corbin so much as looks at Garrett, Garrett is LAUGHING!!  Its is SOOO adorable!!  wow.  I just love it.  I have tons of stories and hopefully I will get around to writing a "Funny things that happen at the Waddell's House" post soon.  

Clynt and I.  I never post much about us, but we, too, have had some fun changes.  My photography business has grown leaps and bounds over the past couple of months!  It has been amazing.  Im loving being able to make pretty good money and set my own schedule, and do something that I LOVE.  You should check out www.picturemechic.com and see some of our work.  Hopefully we'll update in the next week or so with some of the sessions from this past month.  Anywho, blessings.

And Clynt is now at a new company!  After much prayer, we decided that Clynt needed pursue other options for both career growth and financial growth for our family. Within a week of applying for what seemed like the perfect job, Clynt was offered an amazing salary as a pipe materials manager for Bechtel.  He started last Monday and it has been going well.  He is still learning the ins and outs of the new company, but is really enjoying it!

OK, I have 2 little boys needing more attention right now, so i have to go!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cloth Diapering my newborn!

As many of you know, I didnt start cloth diapering Corbin until he was 15 Months because that was when I decided to take the jump into being a Stay at Home Mom. I did it for the environmental factor, but the money saving part was totally awesome too.  I only bought 1 type of diaper, and I loved it.  So until Garrett came, I had still only used the one type.  I had done lots of research and decided to not use a one-size diaper on my newborn, so I went on a mission to buy several kinds.  All of which are so different.  I LOVED Lil Joeys the first 3 weeks, but he quickly out grew them.  They were wonderful though. I also had some BG XSmall and Small and some FB small also. I used them all and they were okay.  I also used Green Mountain prefolds with covers.  While I really liked those, they just would be soaking wet after an hour or 2,  so he needed to be changed very often.  Then I started using my Kissaluv size 0s.  I was in love.  They are very expensive because you have to buy the diaper and a seperate cover, but we did not have any leaks and they absorbed so much more than the prefolds.  The FB and the BG leaked relatively often with Garrett.  Now that he is 3 months, he is getting to wear he is a little big for my Kissaluv 0s, so I have moved on to the Best Bottoms one size now.  These are what I used with Corbin.  They are a one size shell but sized inserts.  The are trim and do NOT leak!  I love them!!  I wasnt sure that they would work for both of my kids so perfectly because no diapers work for all kids, but these are wonderful!   They are so easy, so light to pack because I only need one shell and a few inserts vs bring a few big diapers.  He doesnt have to go up a full size in cloths in them because they are much smaller than the KS0s.  And anything that doesnt leak is perfect in my book.  I love them yet again!

A couple side notes, we have skinny long kids, so that makes a difference, if you have short and chunky, they may not work as well.  dunno.   And Garrett also only poops 1-2 times per week.  These diapers do not have as much of a coverage as far as the sides go because it is just an insert with a cover, not a full on diaper.  So explosive breast fed poos generally mean changing the shell and the inserts, which is not any different than changing the whole thing anyways, but you would need more covers if you have a kiddos that has messy poops several times a day.  Does that make sense.

But for use Best Bottoms are the best diaper for my 3 months old and for my 2 year old (which is no longer wearing his, because he's POTTY TRAINED!!!).  Not that Im super excited or anything ;)

Okay, that's my cloth diaper review for now!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life as a mom of 2....

is crazy!!  I am blessed to have 2 healthy little boys.  But, man is it a lot more work than just having one.  I am potty training, nursing, and still having to do everything else that was done before.  Not only do you have to get one child in the car, you have to get 2 children,  2 bags, extra everything, and so on and so forth.  If you go to the store, you better only have a list of a couple of things because you have one kid in the cart and one kid in the top of the cart.  You have to listen to one child cry for food, while the other is telling you "mommy, Im hungy".   It is a whole lot more work than it was with just one!

But it is sooo worth it!  I love the days where Corbin starts searching for Garrett because Corbin wakes up first, or the times when Garrett is crying and Corbin is saying "go pick him up!".  Its so stinking adorable.  Their is hardly ever a time where at least one of my kids is not smiling, laughing, cooing or talking.  Its so stinking adorable.  I love to imagine how good of friends they will be (and the fights they will get in).  I can't wait to continue to watch them grow.

I am trying to take things less for granted this time.  With Corbin, I wanted him to walk and talk and everything so early and I didnt embrace the moment like I should have,  This time,  I realize how fast things fly by.  It is amazing how fast they grow up!  Garrett is 3 months now, and Corbin is going to be 3 in December!!  Its absolutely crazy!

Corbin is talking up a storm and says and does some of the cutest things ever.  I love watching him grow.  Its amazing!  and Garrett is rolling and cooing and laughing like crazy.  Here are Garrett;s 3 month pictures:

Lately in my world, my photography business has been taking of!  It is amazing what the Lord is doing in my life to allow me to help my family financially some, while still being able to stay at home with my boys.  I praise HIM for that!  Check out www.picturemechic.com.   Its not completely in order as we are working on our new portfolio page, but it gives a small idea what Ive been up to!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I don't believe it has been 2 months since I blogged. I have been having lap top problems, and am only on my desktop when Im working, so I just have not had the time to do much of anything on the computer. 

Garrett will be 3 months old next week!!  How crazy is that?  He is sleeping through the night, napping when Corbin naps, rolling over, and smiling all the time.  The little boy is a blast to have around. Though he likes to be held quite a bit! He was doing perfect at his 2 month check up and so everything is just going great.

Corbin is a great big brother.  He loves having Garrett around and wonders where he is at if he is not in the room.  He too is doing wonderful.  Talking up and storm and POTTY TRAINING!  YAH!  He is no longer in diapers except for pull ups for bed time.  He only has a couple accidents a week and so he is doing very well.  I am super proud of him.

So, all in all life is good in the Waddell world.  Here are a few pictures of my guys lately.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Birth =)

As I sit down to write this Garrett is waking up cranky, so it might not be as long as I would like it to be, but oh well.  Its been almost 7 weeks now since we had our littlest guy, so this is quite a late post, but hey- better late than never.

So I went for my normal appt every Wednesday when I was 38 weeks and I was 3 cm and mostly effaced and my BP was pretty high.  My doctor decided to go ahead and strip my membranes in hopes of putting me into labor since I was so close to it anyways.  I started having more contractions a little while later, and then on Thursday night, I could hardly sleep at all because of my contractions, but it was nothing too consistent and nothing too painful, so I just stayed home.  Then Friday, I had another appt and this time was 4 cm and and ready to go, so my doctor sent me to the hospital to start some pitocin.  I was put on the pitocin at 6:00.  I was 5 cm at 6:30 and they broke my water then.  Then the contractions started getting really painful.  So I got an epidural around 7:00.  At 9:00, they check me and I was 10 cm already. The nurse said that she wanted me to practice a push and half way through it, she made me stop because he was coming out already.  We had to wait on all the other nurses, and stuff to get then.  So then I started pushing at 9:04, at 9:07 after 1 contraction of pushing, I delivered our little boy.  He was jittery so they had to check his blood sugar and it was low, so we had to give him a bottle right away to help with it.  It was okay that.  After I had him, they took the cord blood and all that jazz and then we finally got to eat dinner. =)

Well, that was a really short birth story, but it was a really short labor! =)  I have to go tend to crying baby now.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Wow... It;s been a while!

My blog pressance has been virtually non existant that past couple of months.  The main reason?  Im now a mom of 2!!  Im sure you all know that by now.  We welcomed Garrett Christopher on June 3rd at 9:07 pm.  He was 6 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches long.  He is such a sweet little guy and he is already bringing much joy to the family.  He had jaundice and had lights on him at our house for a couple days but other than that he was a very healthy LITTLE guy.  He now has acid reflux and is on 2 different medications for it.  Clynt has it, and so did Corbin, so we figured it would happen again. Hopefully it will clear up by the time he is 6 months old or so.  He is a champion breasfeeder and is doing really well.  I has a very fast let down, so that combined with the acid reflux makes some feedings difficult, as he grows a little that should all settle down.  So we are making it through. 

Last weekend was Rachel's wedding and it was beautiful.  Everything went perfect.  Corbin was ring bearer and did a fabulous job.  He was such a cutie too.  But we are glad life is getting back to normal now with bed times and no stressing or having to mess with pumping and bottles and all that jazz.  If you remember with Corbin I pumped ALL the time, but this time I am swearing that off.  Unless I need to pump because we simply have to be away from eachother, I am boycotting it (well at least for a little while).  =)

I will post Garrett's birth story soon.  Garrett really enjoys being held during the day so it is hard for me to have time to post.  Though at night he is a champ sleeper.  He goes to bed at 9 and only wakes up 1-2 times between then and 7 or 8 in the morning.  I get at least 1 6-7 hour stretch in there.  So we are blessed. =)  Anywho-  Like I was saying I will post more about the birth soon, and hopefully be able to up date more on how everything else is going. =)  For today here are lots of pictures!  Enjoy!


Thursday, June 2, 2011


So, I have really been slacking on the blog front, and i have soooo much to say!  Hopefully I will have a blog a little later today with some pictures, but for now, just words!

For starters, I am sorry if I have failed to respond to phone calls, emails, texts, etc lately.  I have been a zombie and incredibly busy preparing for baby Garrett's arrival.

Let's start with the doctor's update.  Yesterday, we went to the doctor.  I was 3 cm dilated now, and looking really close to starting labor.  She stripped my membranes and we are currently waiting to see if it worked.  I have been having contractions, but nothing timeable or anything.  She thought that it should work by tomorrow, so we will see.  IF it did not work and I am not in labor by tomorrow we go in tomorrow afternoon at 2.  At that point, if my blood pressure is high (which it has been), or if I have dilated any more, we will be sent to the hospital for induction.  Meaning, that we almost positive that we will be having little Garrett by tomorrow night! =)  We are soooo excited and really can't wait to meet him!  For now we are just praying that I go into labor on my own today or tomorrow. =)

Around the house.  Corbin's bed is in his room and the the room is 95% complete.  Clynt still has to finish painting the firebird on the wall and a couple things on the truck, but we don't like having the paint fumes in the room while Corbin is here, so we are planning on getting that done one of these days when Corbin is with his grandparents. Then that will all be done.   We also got a new dining room set (well, it was my FIL's, who btw is moving to Australia soon, but that is a different post in itself).  And so we were able to get it into the house and it looks gorgeous!  Then we moved our old dining room table over to the kitchen, and took that table out.  We also have rearranged several things.  I have cleaned out the toy room, in process of making a toy room upstairs also, organized more in Garrett's room, and so on.  Everything has just come together and our house looks amazing. I will try to post pictures this afternoon of the new updates. =)

Okay, well that's all for now.  I have to get my little guy up.  It's a really sad thought that today is probably the last day he will be the only child.  I guess lots of spoiling is in order. =)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

And the doctor says...

So, we went yesterday for our ultrasound/36 week appointment and Garrett is still growing and looking good. He is about 6 pounds according the ultrasound which puts him in the 36%ile or so.  So, he is a little small but not tiny.  He is smaller than Corbin was at this point.  But that is okay, the main thing is that he still growing =)  I am a cm and a half dialated now, so I am progressing a little and I am still about half effaced.  He is ahead down and dropped down a lot, so things are looking good.

Dr. Davis is confident that I will hold out till at least my 37 week mark, which we are happy about.  And then from there we will see how things are going.  My blood pressure is still up some, but it's not horrible, so we are still keeping an eye on that to make sure that it doesn't get too bad.

Other than all that, we are chugging right along. Things looking good.

This morning, I had some of our playgroup over to play and it was nice.  I was able to get some stuff from the store last night and then ran to Shipley's this morning for donuts, so I had a really unhealthy spread for everyone to snack on.  It was fun.  Corbin and I both enjoyed the company. Thanks guys for coming over to play.

I did have to miss MOPS today, so I missed all those mommas.  With my blood pressure the way that it is, I have a hard time getting out to big places, and leaving Corbin also.  Corbin doesnt like when I leave him and it makes me sad, and by default my BP goes through the roof.  And MOPS entails leaving the kiddos with someone while the mommies have their time.  I SOOOO love that time and miss it.  It's just so hard on my right now, so I can't wait to get back involved soon.  I actually was just asked to step up a little in the group and organize some stuff for the kiddos and mommies to do together, and i am really looking forward to that also.

I love all my mommy groups and getting to meet so many mommies that share a lot of the same values as me. I can't wait to have both boys around all of it too.  The interactions with other kids and my interactions with other mommas is so perfect for all of us.

Okay, well that's it for now.  Im hoping that tomorrow I have pictures of Corbin's monster truck with some paint on it! =)  It's pretty much done other than paint and tires now.  Can't wait for it to be in the room, and neither can Corbin!! =)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

36 weeks!!

Wow, Im 36 weeks today.  We have an ultrasound this afternoon at our doctor's appointment and I am super anxious to see our little guy.

Things have been going pretty smoothly around here.  We have been keeping busy, and days have been going by fast.  Its amazing how a 2 year old can do that to your days! =)  Corbin is doing great, he is getting bigger by the day and learning so many new words every day too.  He can carry on a conversation on the phone, and it is really adorable.  He is generally very sweet and shares really well.  But we do have our days and moments when he is not the sweetest thing in the world.   I chalk most of that up to the fact that he is two.  Usually though, if someone asks for a toy or something he will give his up right away, but is someone comes and pulls it out of his hand, that is a different story.  We are trying to work on those things prior to baby Garrett being able to move around and steal toys and making Corbin mad.  Corbin points to my belly and says that he wants baby Garrett to come out and play, and he gives my belly hugs good night everynight.  It is really cute.  I don't at all think that he realizes exactly what is coming, but all we can do is try to make him aware of it the best we can.  I think he will do great with him.

Yesterday, my mom's group threw me a little shower.  It was SOOOO sweet and unexpected.  I am not having a shower, so we have not gotten much for Garrett and it was SOOO nice that people were thinking of him and me.  I love it!!  It is such a blessing to have so many mommy friends that Corbin and I are able to spend time with on a weekly basis.  I love it.

I do intend on having a "sip and see" when Garrett arrives, but we don't have big registry or anything.  I have a small registry at nickisdiapers.com for some cloth diapering and nursing stuff.  All the big items, we already have because we have a 2 year old boy.  Its wonderful to already have everything big that we need. =)

Corbin's bed is almost done.  It is to the painting and putting tires on stage.  So, it should be done soon.  It looks amazing!  My husband is so handy.  I love it!

So, anyways, that's lots of small updates.  I should have more updates tonight on Garrett.  =)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garrett Update

I went for my 35 week appt today.  Crazy!  I had to get my Strep B test done, and then was checked for my dialation and stuff.  I was surprised that I was already starting to progress!  I was half effaced, 1 cm, and Garrett was dropped and head down.  Now, I could still go another couple of weeks like that or I could go into labor any day.  That is all still up in the air.   When I started progressing with Corbin, It happened VERY fast.  i was 0 percent effaced and 1 cm at 37 weeks when I was induced.  I went in the hospital and was given cervidil the night before to help efface me first.  The next morning, I was 90% effaced and 2cm and I went straight into labor, no pitocin needed.  So, once I effaced, I just went straight into labor and delivered a baby 4 hours later. =)

Since I am only 35 weeks though, I am hoping that I hold out for another 2 weeks.  Which is totally possible, but then he is free to come!  It is just nice to know that I am progressing and that my body is getting ready to do it on his own.

Next week we have an ultrasound to see how this little guy is developing.  Im super excited about that, and can't wait to see the little guy. =)  I can't wait to see him in person either, but I want him to be completely healthy and don't want him to come before he is ready.

Anyways, that's just a quick update on how our appt went today.  Can't wait to update next week!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pictures of progress

So I keep talking about all these updates and stuff and have yet to show pictures.  I still don't have pictures of Corbin's new room, because I am waiting for it to be complete with the bed and all before I take them, but here are pictures of everythign else we have been working on!

The first 3 are of Garrett's room.  We didnt make very many changes in this room, but we got in back in nursery condition.  The bed had to be converted back to a crib and the bumper, mobile and so on had to be put back on.  The lamp and stuff needed to be put back out, and all that, so just just little stuff.  Plus the name.  I have to say that one of the hardest things about this whole transformation was taking Corbin's name off of the wall. It made this all real... The nursery is no longer for Corbin, it is for Garrett.   Corbin is no longer a little baby. He is my big boy. =(

This is Garrett's closet ,well half of it.  Our closets are all huge!  It's crazy.  I only put out 0-3 month and newborn clothes, because we didn't feel like completely feeling up the whole closet, and Clynt prefers to only have the clothes that he is allowed to grab out, no other options. lol.
This is our game room.  We cleaned out a table and couch and moved a few things around.  Now on that left hand wall next to Corbin's tent, we are going to paint a chalkboard wall, and Clynt is going to build some cubicle like things, and we are going to make that whole area in the front a play room upstairs.  We already have a playroom downstairs, but now that Corbin is getting older, it will be nice to have one upstairs and downstairs.

Our office and guest bedroom.  This used to just be the office, but we moved Corbin into the guest bedroom, so we decided to make this room both.  It got a lot of organizing, and a lot of moving stuff around.

So, our whole upstairs is majorly de-cluttered now and we are loving it!  Soon, you will see pictures of Corbin's new room which has really been the HUGE project.


Great Weekend!

This weekend was perfect. We only left the house a couple of times, which was wonderful.   Saturday was pretty busy for both Clynt and I so we took turns watching Corbin while getting stuff done around the house.  Right when we got up, I took Corbin to Wal-Mart to get some stuff for Mother's Day lunch, and to spoil Corbin with a few things (my Mother's Day gift to myself, since that is my favorite thing to do!).  While we were gone, Clynt was mowing the lawn.  Then we got home, and Clynt took Corbin to Lowe's to get some stuff for his bed, and to make a vase for me for Valentine's Day. Their little Saturday "Build and Grow" program is really cool, and Clynt was always complaining about me getting to do all the fun stuff, so now I send him the schedule for that, and he is enjoying going and doing something "manly" and free with his boy.  Wonderful stuff.  While he was gone, I had some computer stuff I had to get done.  Then when he got back,  we let Corbin play in the back yard, while I detailed the kitchen and Clynt worked on the bed a little.  Then my dad, Michael, my sister, and Matt all came over in order to get a few things that we were giving away (or giving back) from upstairs and decluttering to make room for 2 boys.  Then we had a birthday party, and then came home for Corbin to nap, while I went back to cleaning house, and Clynt went back to working on the bed.

For dinner, I cooked breakfast, and we just relaxed teh rest of the night.  It was great having the whole house clean and Garrett's room done, the office/guest room done, and Corbin's room done other than the bed.  Everything around here is looking great and so ready for baby, which BTW is only like 4.5 weeks away! yikes!!

For Mother's Day, I got a beautiful necklace/earrings set from Clynt and Corbin and permission to go get a massage (he didnt get a gift certificate, but he had intended to).  I also got a handmade card and a homeade vase (like I mentioned before).  It was perfect.  I couldn't have asked for more from my boys. =)

Church was great, and then we came home and snacked and visited with everyone, and then for lunch had filet mignon, mashed potatoes, salad, green beans, and cheesecake for dessert.  It was WONDERFUL and we were all very full!!  The kids played in a big beach ball sprinkler that I had bought for Corbin the day before, and in the sandbox, and on the big swingset we have in the backyard. They had a blast.  Then before everyone left, they helped me to clean my house back up, which was nice!

Corbin had fun telling all the mommy's "Happy Mother's Day!", which everyone thought was adorable. The whole day was just perfect.  We went and saw Clynt's step-mom and dad later that day to tell her Happy Mother's Day and had a little pizza for dinner.  Then we came home and got Corbin ready for bed.  He was WORN out from the day.  And so were we!  I read my bible for a little while and went straight to sleep.

Today, I have a huge headache, and am still tired, so we are just hanging out at the house working on laundry, and watching movies and playing games.  It's great!

I hope all you mommies had as wonderful of a weekend as I did!!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Im a winner!

Whooty Woo!  I like to play the Friday Fun Questions with on A&A Cleaning's Facebook page.  Usually I win once every 6 weeks or so, and it is for a gift card for a local place for about $10.  Last Friday, they were having a super win thing, and we were playing for an iPod.  They didn't specify what kind of iPod, so my assumtion was for like a shuffle with less than $100 value.  I would have been excited to win that too.  And I won!!  YAH!  I was so excited because I don't win anything hardly ever and I have actually gotten lucky a few times in the past couple of months! =)  So I go to pick up (what Im thinking will be a shuffle) today, and it is

an iPod Touch!!  I was totally shocked.  An iPod touch has a $250 value or more.  I have an iPhone, so my personal need for that is slim, however my lovely husband does not have anything fun like that.   So, now he is the proud new owner of an iPod and is really excited about.  I am so excited for him, because he totally does some amazing things for us and is an amazing provider for our family.  He deserves fun stuff every once in a while!

So, thank you A&A Cleaning!!  You made my day! 



Can you tell Im nesting with all this talk about stuff getting done?!!  I didnt experience this with Corbin, because I was on a strict bed rest for so long!  I am driving Clynt crazy, but I am loving how stuff gets done!!  Cleaning is not so much fun, but the boy's rooms are both almost completely done, our guest bedroom and office are done, our game room is getting cleaned up and narrowed down to look really sheek and I now have an area to make a toy room upstairs also.  Which is nice when I am working in the office, to have him upstairs playing with his toys.

Clynt built a HUGE walk-in attic off the side of our gameroom upstairs a year or more ago, and let me tell you, it has been a lifesaver.  And if you know my hubs, you know that it is organized and everything for our little guy was found very easy and still in boxes. It is wonderful, though the time it takes him to do things drives me crazy at some points, it really is nice to have things done right and not be a complete disaster.  For instance, a good friend of mine had a little one over a year ago and when she went to start making baby food, I offered her our freezer containers for baby food.  I went upstairs and got them, and came down and we still laugh about it, but they were "shrink-wrapped".  Clynt had wrapped them in saran wrap and had them in perfect condition.  She gave them back to me recently and apologized they weren't wrapped so nicely!  lol.  That is just how Clynt does things.  Sometimes a bit odd, but definitely helpful.

So, anyways, things are looking amazing upstairs in my house.  Until yesterday, I had not dusted or vacuumed anywhere but Corbin's room in a LONG time.  I mean most of it NEVER gets used.  The pool table, big TV, elliptical, EVERYTHING was covered in dust.  Now, it is clean and looks great.  I am just loving this.  If it wasn't for nesting, none of this stuff would ever get done, because normally, I am a "if you can't see it, who cares" type of person.

I will post pictures of progress soon.

Corbin is LOVING it all too!!  He has SOOO much room to play and actually stayed upstairs while I was cleaning yesterday, he LOVES his room, and he loves his toys upstairs, he is just happy.  I think a happy mommy makes for a happy baby.  =)

Well, I have to go and get the boy ready for story time and then some time with Grandpa.  Im excited it's Friday, and Mother's Day is Sunday!!

If I don't get to say it HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all you mommas out there!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I think I have said before that cleaning is not at all my favorite part of my day (or week).  I am sitting here today looking at my house, thinking "I could really stand to do...this...that... and the other".  I told you all that we have a Mother's Day gathering at our house, so that means that the house needs to be spotless.  Or at least that's the way I think.

Don't get me wrong, our house is never a complete disaster, that would drive me crazy, but I really don't like doing the detailed stuff, and with a toddler in the house, their are usually some toys laying around.  But when guests come, I have a habit (like most of you) to make sure that all the detail work is done and so on.

So, as I am looking at all the stuff that I would like to get done, I am wondering what other mom's do.  How do you keep the toys picked up, how do you find the time to do bathroom cleaning, how do you keep things organized??

Okay, that's all ya get for today, because I have to get to cleaning!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nap time

I personally think that sleep is really important to kids and I try really hard to keep Corbin on a schedule to allow him to get plenty of sleep.  However, I feel like his nap time is dwendling. I mean, it used to be 12-4, then it was 12:20, then 1, then 1:30, and now I put him down at 1:30 but I am lucky if he goes to sleep before 2.

I think part of the problem started when he got out of his crib and moved into a big boy bed.  The first few days of that were rough and he would sleep at the door and not in his bed.  Now he sleeps in his bed every day, but he does get out of his bed and plays some.  I have removed all toys, and their only books in the room for him to read.  So he gets down and he reads and brings books into his bed and I am perfectly okay with all that.  However, it is getting harder and harder for him to go down.

At what point did you quit nap time?  I want him to nap for another year at least, but Im not so sure it is going to happen.  I just don't know that he is that tired anymore.  I mean, used to, if we were driving any time around nap time, he was out like a light.  Now, he hardly ever will fall asleep in the car, so I really don't think he is near as tired as he used to be.  That and I think that he is just more of a busy body and doesn't want to miss anything.

Anyways, nap time is my relax and get stuff done time, so I am having a hard time continuing to shorten it, and plus, like I said earlier, I think naps are good for him. Sleep in general is good for him.  I mean it is good for anyone!  Right?!

Opinions are great!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Clynt has been working on Corbin's monster truck bed over the past week.  He is definitely progressing on it and I am getting so excited!  I still don't "see" his vision when looking at the wood, but when I looking at his AutoCad drawings, it looks wondering.  And since the wood is being cut to those specs, Im assuming it is coming along very well!  He is getting excited as well, and keeps calling it "his truck", and I have to correct him and say "Corbin's truck".  Corbin is getting sooooo excited as well, he asks me all the time about his monster truck.  I don't think he quite understands the extent of it, but either way he is excited.

Clynt and I are having so much fun putting together Corbin's room.  We did with the nursery also a couple years ago, but I think Clynt is even more excited about this one, because it is like a room he would have always dreamed of.  So, he is cutting no corners.  I find it adorable that he buys and does stuff for Corbin that he would have loved as a child.  Corbin is going to have a chair hanging from the ceiling in his room because Clynt always wanted one. lol.  It's so cute.

We have ordered some tin signs for the walls in his room.  In fact we ordered a few online yesterday at what we thought was a good price, and then I had to go to hobby lobby last night, and I was wondering around and saw the same darn sign we had just ordered.  It was priced higher, but Hobby Lobby had half off, and obviously no shipping charges.  So, we will be buying more from Hobby Lobby (well I did last night), but more as we go along.  Signs are not the cheapest thing and until we can see the finished room, we aren't too sure how many we are going to want/need.  I did find a "Monster Truck Parking" one last night that was adorable so we got it.  

We are also having a huge monster truck sticker with his name in it made.  It is totally adorable and I think it will go perfect in his room.  From the same people, we are having Garrett's name made for his wall also. So, Im getting excited to get all these things in!

This weekend is Mother's Day and it is the one holiday a year that we host at our house.  Well, we do some bar-b-que stuff with my family for little holidays, but as far as having both families come together, Mother's Day is our day.  It is perfect for us, because we have Clynt's mom and my mom together and don't have to run from place to place all day.  It's great.  We do a really nice lunch with filet mignon, and all the goods to go with, thanks to everyone.  My dad always does the steaks and everyone brings an item to go with.  It is perfect.  It is very chill and always DELICIOUS!

The point in that is that I was really hoping that everything for the boys rooms would be done by this weekend, but it is not looking like that is going to completely happen.  The boy's stickers are not done completely yet, and the bed isn't either, so Im no so sure that these things will be up in the rooms by this weekend.  But that will be find.  At least everything is organized and it is getting done.  Here are a couple pictures of the boys working on the bed, and of the beds progress as of 2 nights ago, though their is a lot more done as of yesterday.  If you are like me, you won't be able to "see" it yet, but Im sure you will in a couple of days!

The last picture is to give you a reminder of what the bed is going to looks like soon. Minus the skull and flames.   Isn't it cool??  Corbin's tires are real tires thanks to his Grammier and Grandad, they had a set of tires off of one of their 4-wheelers when they upgraded them, so they are the perfect size and look awesome! =)  Thanks guys!