Saturday, September 5, 2015

It's getting close

Many of you know that my sweet husband is leaving the country for work for a while soon.  through the process of informing our friends and family, we have had some pretty amazing people say super sweet things and it has been very aware that we have amazing people in our life.   I have been blessed with so many amazing friends and family.

I don't want sympathy while he is around the globe, I am a big girl and can handle things as they come along... But I do want to ask for understanding.  While he is gone, I might just ask for you to come over and have a glass of wine after dinner (not for sympathy but because I need someone to talk to!), I might not be able to attend things like I do now (not because I don't want to but because there is simply only one of me), I might have to cancel (not because I want to but I imagine my kids will have bad days), the kids and I may have bad days (not because we are mean or because my kids are bad, but because we are used to seeing our husband/dad every day and we won't),  I won't want to hear about how much my husband is missing (not because I don't appreciate advice, but because we know and ultimately made this decision together solely for the benefit of our family in the long run), and I absolutely just want understanding for our life's just not being the same for just a bit (because, let's be honest.. It's just not!).

Some of you have husbands who are gone a lot longer than mine will be.  You are incredibly women and moms and I so look up to your abilities.  I pray for you and I pray that I am able to make our world go around just as amazing as you do.

I so love all of my friends and family for all of your awesomeness!


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