Monday, August 3, 2015

WOW! Let's see I remember how to do this!

Hey all!  This blog has been neglected for a very long time now.  But my life has turned crazy hectic with lots of new things happening and coming up with our life.. The blog helps me to release what I have on my mind, so I thought Id try and pic it back up.

For this first blog back, Ill just update a little on our crazy crew.  Corbin 6 and a half!  How in the world did that even happen?!  He is crazy strong, crazy handsome, crazy smart, crazy athletic, and just plain crazy.  Garrett is 4... He has had a couple of broken bones trying to keep up with his big brother and he has a smile that will absolutely light up your day.  These boys make my life worth living.

Clynt is still doing engineering.  He made senior engineer at his company last year and is working towards having his PE this year.  He is going to have to do a little more away work in another country bc he really needs it for his competency matrix at work since he had his promotion.  It kind of stinks, but the kids and I will figure it all out!  We are a strong little crew and it won't be for too long each time he goes (if he goes multiple times)!

I am a photographer still.. and I am BUSY.. Summer is my slow season but it hasn't been too slow this year.  I still really enjoy doing it and my clients are absolutely amazing!  Its been a really awesome journey so far and I can't wait to spend many more years being a work at home mom with this little business!  Getting to be with my boys as much as I am is amazing and I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything.

Thats short 411 on our crew.  I hope to keep up with this as our little journey for life is changing so much!!


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